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'slawek,thank you for perfect preparing me 4 the test,you are a wonderful instructor,i passed at fir...'
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Comments from previous pupils

Below are comments from some of our previous pupils. Should you want to add your own comments, please use the contact form.

Lewandowski Patryk
Passed 1st Time

So quick so profesional so perfect nothing else great instructor

Iwona Paprocka

I have decided to use my own car on the test and i did it but without Slawek wouldnt be successful thank you

Manika Wronka
Passed 1st Time

I have passed my test in Sevenoaks i never suppoust that i can do it first time but Slawek always said i will tell you when you will be ready thank you very much

Mateusz Baczyk
Passed 1st Time

I have pass my test for the first time and this is important for me thank you Slawek for your patient

Katarzyna Katz
Passed 1st Time

Lovely performance i wisch all lerner to have that instructor thank you Slawek

Piotr Mroczko
Passed 1st Time

His great skills of training let me pass my test for the first time big thank you

Barbara Wroblewska

I was thinking i will never gonna pass my test but there we are so pleased of my instructor who prepared forr me very well for my test and time spend with him was worth my money big thank you 100% recomended.

Tomasz Napiera?a
Passed 1st Time

Only 10 hours was enough for me with slawek he told me how many i need straight away full pro thank you for your help

Monika Sobczy?ska

Thank you Slawek for all this hard lessons with me i have lern everything what i need to drive safely on the road thank you

Kamila Drezek
Passed 1st Time

Full profesional driving instuctor had good fun also thank you

Magdalena Stolkman Plotkowska
Passed 1st Time

pe??en profesjonalizm :)zdane za pierwszym razem.goraco polecam i dziekuje :)

Ma?gorzata Osinska

My lovely instructor done lots of work for me and i pass my test he always said keep it simple thank you

Karolina Szymanska
Passed 1st Time

Whats a lovely instructor 100% recomended to you guys so patient so determinated and so helpful big thanks

Malgorzata Augustyn
Passed 1st Time

My lovely husband let me go on a test i didnt want to go but there we are pass for the first time i love you honey

Agnieszka Kaczmarek
Passed 1st Time

Whats a lovely brother in law i have pass for the first time enjoyed a lot thx

Adam Gdak

Thank you for your help to preparing me to pass my driving test that was amazing feels big thank you

Ewelina Sobczak

Very good instruktor very patient and friendly he is just lovely thank you for everything

Tomasz Leyk
Passed 1st Time

Whats a expirence slawek lern me a lots of good habbits and im really glad to pass with him very big thank you

Joanna Danko
Passed 1st Time

Amazing feels i have pass with a lots of knowdgle wchitch Slawek give to me and pass for the first time what shall i say good luck to you

Chris Wilson
Passed 1st Time

superb instructor. very professional and put me at ease from the beginning, will always rate him.

Lak Agnieszka
Passed 1st Time

Lovely Mr Bronek let me have a good fun for all lesson wchitch i taken i really enjoyed thank you very much

Magryta Tomasz
Passed 1st Time

Thank you for your knowledge and expirence whitch you provide to me i have pass for the first time thanks

Dobosz Sylwester
Passed 1st Time

I have enjoyed a lot when i ve been driving with slawek good luck to you and big thank you

Marta Gesikowska

Very good driving instructor and also very good friend i have pass the test so easy but only because of him

Alicja Majocha
Passed 1st Time

I have pass for the first time. Slawek prepared me well for the test. He said to me you will pass for the first time and i ve done it big thank you to him

Irena Afasa

Thank you Slawek for everything not only patient i was so nervous but is old story now im glad of having that instructor thx

Katarzyna Rasinska

Big thank you to you for your patient i have pass the test with Slawek from the begining im so proud of him he was extremly calm with my driving very big thanks

Ewa Bialko

My instructor was so patient to me he did explain me everything slowly im very proud of fact i have pass with his help

Patryk Jankowiak
Passed 1st Time

I have pass first time but the style how he provied all this lessons was amazing im really glad to have that driving instructor

Rafal Zabawa
Passed 1st Time

So happy of my instructor i have passed for the first time he was so calm with all preparation realy delighted of him

Piotr Mroz

Im really pleased of having that driving instructor wisch all the best for everyone who will have him big thank you

Monika Sledzinska
Passed 1st Time

slawek,thank you for perfect preparing me 4 the test,you are a wonderful instructor,i passed at first attempt and i am very happy.

thank you ;-)

Lukasz Klate

Slawku thank you very much for preparing me for the test you are great instructor and fantastic friend

Ashley Mayhew
Passed 1st Time

slawek is a great teacher and a great guy! made everything very easy and i passed first time so cudnt have asked for a better teacher. oh and i was his favourite! :)

Bakhtyar Lak
Passed 1st Time

this is a good driving school.. my instructor was very informative and patient with me by explaining everything i need to know- hence i passed the test first time.. thank you very much.

Agnieszka Milke

I have pass for 2 nd time but never drive before im so happy of situation i have pass thank you very much

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